how to get rid of genital warts fast

By | February 10, 2014

how to get rid of genital warts fast – info first

 Because of the unsightly and unhealthy nature of genital warts you may be concerned how to get rid of genital warts fast. Genital warts is a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by certain types of human papilloma virus (HPV). These warts occur in and around anus or genitalia and most commonly found on external areas of the body such as the penis shaft, scrotum, vagina or anus. They may also appear on internal areas, including urethra, vagina, anus or cervix, either as single warts or clustered. On males genital warts are often found on or near the penis head (glans penis). Wart size could be1-5 millimetre across, with colour variable and either hard (known as keratinized) or soft to the touch. The size and the colour of warts will vary from person to person, and occasionally bleed.

Genital warts spread through direct skin to skin contact during anal, genital or oral sex. HPV is said to transfer most commonly during penetrative sex. (It is less commonly transferred via non penetrative sex.)  And condoms are said to be partially effective in preventing transmission of the disease from one person to another. There is evidence that condoms show better results in preventing infection in males rather than in females.

how to get rid of genital warts fast – Is this disease life threatening?

No it is not. In many cases warts are the only indication/symptom of the disease. Sometimes itching, redness and irritation may be present especially if the warts are situated around the anus. This in turn may lower the self esteem of the person suffering the disease.

how to get rid of genital warts fast – any cure for genital warts?

Unfortunately there is no cure for genital warts yet. But you may be pleased to know there are ways to get rid of the condition and hopefully never get it again.

Genital warts are caused due to a virus (Human papillomavirus / HPV). When the virus is in its active form it produces proteins which causes the genital warts to appear. When the virus enters the body it will always likely be present. But you can bring it to the inactive state. When the virus is in the inactive state it does not produce the proteins and therefore no warts will grow on your genitals. The immune system is what fights the virus and renders it dormant. It is also what prevents the disease resurfacing. Therefore maintaining a healthy immune system is of vital importance. When the immune system is weakened the disease may occur again.

How do you get rid of genital warts fast – how fast and how

This condition may heal on its own. But it can take up to 18 months or even longer for that. The warts will also disappear naturally after a while. Many who have this condition are unwilling to stay that long to solve the problem. So here are some methods used to get rid of the condition fast.

There are many methods used to remove the warts. Physically ablative methods and topical agents are used in clinical treatment procedures.

Physically ablative methods

Work well for keratinized warts. This method is used when the number of warts are less and when the warts are small.

  1. Simple excision – scissors usually used to remove the warts. Local anaesthetic is used in this process.
  2. Electro cauterization (LEEP) – Method in use for a long time and is proved to be effective.
  3. Liquid nitrogen cryosurgery – This method is much less expensive, safe even for pregnant women, and usually does not leave scars.
  4. Surgical procedures – These are actioned by a surgeon using a general anaesthetic and are used to remove larger clusters of warts, certain anal warts and warts in youngsters. There is a high chance of scarring.
  5. Laser ablation – very expensive, can take two to four weeks to heal.

Topical agents

  1. 0.15% – 0.5% podophyllotoxin (podofilox) solution (cream/gel). Important to note not to use podofilox if pregnant as can be harmful to the fetus. This is sold as Condylox (0.5%), Wartec (0.15%) and Warticon (0.15%). This cream/gel should be applied to the affected area and should not be washed out. Erosion of the skin may be experienced slightly more than with numbers 2 and 3 in this list.
  2. Sinecatechins – Has proprietory names of Veregen and polyphenon E. This is an ointment of catechins which is made from green tea and other ingredients. When this is used a very high clearance (than when other lotions are used) is obtained however a longer time duration is taken for the process.
  3. Imiquimod (Aldara) – This causes less amount of local irritation than podofilox but can cause fungal infections and also flu like symptoms.
  4. Trichloroacetic acid- Although this can also be used for treatment, it shouldn’t be used for wart treatment in vagina, cervix or urinary tracts.
  5. Interferon – This is effective but is expensive and the effect is inconsistent.

 how to get rid of genital warts fast – home remedies

  1. Wash the area well with soap and water. Then apply apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball, place it in the area with the wart/warts and tape it in place. Keep it like that over night. Remove the tape and wash the area while rubbing off the dead skin. Repeat the procedure until the wart/warts falls off. This is known to have worked for many people suffering with genital warts.
  2. Keep crushed garlic on the affected area and tape it in place. Keep it over night and wash the area in the morning while rubbing off the dead skin. Repeat the procedure until the wart falls off. Garlic has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore this is a very effective method.
  3. Put castor oil onto gauze and tape it to the wart/warts. Keep it in place overnight and wash it by rubbing the dead skin off. Follow this method until the wart is removed.
  4. You can also use aloe vera or tea tree oil to remove your warts. Soak a cotton ball in either of the solutions and tape it over night to the affected area. In the morning rub off the dead skin while washing. Follow either method until the wart comes out.
  5.  You can dissolve an aspirin in water, soak a cotton ball in the solution and place it overnight on the affected area. In the morning wash it of while rubbing the dead skin. Follow the procedure until your warts are gone. Aspirin contains salicylic acid and this is what helps to remove the warts. Salicylic acid is also the active component in Wartrol which is a homeopathic medicine that is marketed.

Even though the warts will be removed when you use the above methods, the virus may still remain in the body. And therefore genital warts can appear all over again. Also you will still be contagious. So to make the virus dormant and keep it in the inactive form continuously you should maintain a strong immune system.

how to get rid of genital warts fast with a healthy lifestyle

healthy safer happy

how to get rid of genital warts fast – get a healthy immune system

  1. Consuming a balanced and healthy diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  2. Cut the intake of processed food and artificial drinks.
  3. Drink plenty of water – check how much is recommended for a surprise.
  4. Do not consume alcohol, at least reduce the intake.
  5. Quit smoking.
  6. Take supplements that boost up your immune system. (e.g. – Echinacea/multivitamins)
  7. Not forgetting a suitable exercise program as your immune system will benefit from this.

how to get rid of genital warts fast – in conclusion

You can help yourself to get rid of genital warts fast by catching the condition in its early stages and finding a treatment that works for you. Either a course of action advised in a consultation with a qualified medical professional or a natural home based remedy, or may be a combination of the two. There is no hard and fast rule that suits all comers so sometimes a little trial and error is needed, as what works quickly for one person may take longer with another. The speed to success your unique body goes to combat hpv, will be greatly enhanced by corrective lifestyle choices (love your body more) to enjoy how to get rid of genital warts fast.

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